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Please select the number of tickets you want to order
Please select the number of tickets you want to order
Tickets for "PMCon#6" (06/08/2019 – 06/08/2019)
Type Number Available Price Sum
«Regular» ticket 28
UAH 1,490.00
UAH 0.00
«Late bird» ticket 97
UAH 1,990.00
UAH 0.00
Afterparty 42
UAH 350.00
UAH 0.00
Lunch at Fabrika.Space 30
UAH 200.00
UAH 0.00
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Event details

PMCon#6 is a high standard conference for IT Project Managers and Business Analysts held in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Combining education, inspiring ideas and fun, this is a great opportunity for professional development, networking and broadening the minds of people who love project management and business analysis and decide to come.

We are inspired by people who are open to learning and sharing their ideas, so we want to bring them together at our event. We believe that great people generate great experiences.

8 June 2019
Starts at 10:00
Ukraine, Kharkiv
Blagovischenska Steet 1